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Some new recordings have just been finished and a new album is coming soon.



* 21st October, Bristol Latin Festival, more details soon. * 28th October, Cheltenham Flamenco Festival.



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- Always looking for a new horizon - Jimi Can is a consummate showman with a wonderfully unique style. He makes music for the world, cutting loose with an irresistibly warm performance that on the stage unleashes a freewheeling party vibe, magically spiced-up by the colorful variety of syles, feels, rhythms, languages and musicians that Jimi usually brings along. Based in Bristol, U.K. the 'Bristol ting' shapes his sound as it does his native Cantabria in Spain, Andalucía, West Africa or the Caribbean, where he has part of his roots (his mother side hailing from Cuba), which becomes obvious when he performs. Blending sounds from the old and new worlds, ancient and modern traditions, with great taste and creativity, Jimi's music may inspire travel, dance, meeting of cultures, passion... one can feel it's been forged with lots of inspiring bright energy that is good both for the soul and the dance-floor.

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  •   +44 7531 813749
  •   planet earth
"...a vivacious celebration which deserves to be the hit world music party of the season."

Gary Prestwich

St Georges Hall
"Inspiring music and lyrics, great energy on stage".

BBC Radio Bristol

"... one of the most talented artists we ever had. His shows are always a real fiesta. Either playing solo at the beach, or sharing the main stage with Ben Howard, Lone Ark & Alpheus among other bands."


His energy and versatility is boundless, and he is always on the look out for new challenges.-A joy to watch!-now and into the future. See his work on Youtube and look out for his next gig! Whatever it is, it will be unforgettable.

Mr Brinners

Glastonbury Promoter